A Horror/Comedy Comic Book

Apprehensive Films
Sacramento based independent cult, horror and exploitation film production and distribution company

Trash Film Orgy
A Sacramento film festival bringing you the trashiest, goriest and most bizarre movies ever made.


Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Film Geekz
Everything Geeky Cool in Entertainment!

Retro Crush
The World’s Greatest Pop Culture Site!

Sacramento Geeks- Fan Group

The Last Doorway Show
Webshow that pays homage to Horror & Sci-fi

Ben Walker

Cinema Insomnia
Horror TV Show Host Mr.Lobo’s Website

Horror Yearbook
Comprehensive guide to the horror genre for fans of horror movies and literature. Reviews, interviews, news, trailers, guides, forum and more.

The Joe Flynn Show
A show about the latest Horror/Sci-Fi films, conventions, music and humor, plus independent filmmakers.

Fanboy Planet
Reviews, interviews and opinions on comics, movies, television, and wrestling.

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