Once Upon a Video Game’s Video Game Tournaments on the Stage

Location = On the Stage
Entry Fee = See Game
Registration time = All Day!
Tournament start time = First Game starts at 10:30am


  • All tournaments are single elimination unless otherwise noted!
  • Be aware that tournament times are subject to change. Checking in early with tournament organizers is recommended!
  • Registration is All DAY!
  • There are NO REFUNDS for the tournament entry fees. The ONLY exception is if the tournament itself is canceled due to unforeseen events or insufficient entries.
  • If there’s any legitimate dispute within the tournament, please notify a Tournament Judge.
  • You MUST show up to your match when your name is announced or at the posted time for your round. Failure to do so may result in disqualification without refund.
  • Violation of rules may result in disqualification without refund. Other disciplinary actions may result as well.
  • Any participants caught cheating will be immediately disqualified without a refund.
  • Destruction of Once Upon a Video Game or tournament participant property will result in disqualification and possible fees.

    Nintendo Wii (Smash Brothers Brawl)
    Entry Fee-$5.00 PER Sign up. Amount due at time of sign up.

    1ST PLACE = $10.00 Cash or $15.00 Store Credit (Day of Con only)

  • All contestants will play a 4 player game winner takes all. You will receive 10 lives. You get one round at the game.
  • This is a Last Man Standing Game.
  • Stalling is banned. (Stalling is defined as any action that deliberately avoids all conflict as to make the game unplayable. Running from an opponent to get to a better position is not considered stalling, but using chain grabs infinitely against a wall beyond 300% or using Sonic’s Homing Attack repeatedly underneath the stage is.)
  • Any action that prevents the game from continuing results in a forfeiture of the match for the offender.
  • Some interactions (for example, interrupting a throw with a wind attack) can cause one character to become frozen until being hit. If this happens, the free character is expected to capitalize on this in a timely manner; a failure to do so is considered stalling.
  • Pausing during the match means the loss of the round except in the case where all contestants agree.
  • All items will be turned off.

    Nintendo Tetris Point Challenge

    Entry Fee-First Try: $2.00; Additional Tries: $1.00

    1ST PLACE = Half of the amount of entry fees given in CASH!

  • Players will have 5 minutes. To score as many points as possible.
  • If the player dies before the 5 minute mark. The player is done with that attempt and your score will be recorded.
  • Players will start on level 0.
  • Players will Use Style A
  • 1st Place person will be posted ALL DAY above TV.
  • If Your Score is beaten or you wish to just do better you may pay the “Additional Tries” fee and play again.
  • You may retry as many times as you wish, at $1.00 per try.
  • Winner is announced at 4:00pm. You must be present to receive your prize.

    Please See Game Schedule for Times and Availability

    Free Play Rules

  • Destruction of Once Upon a Video Game or any participants property will result in possible fees.
  • We ask that you treat the staff, volunteers, and attendees with the same kindness and respect as you would want for yourself.
  • Wristbands must be clearly visible at all times.
  • Modifying the Settings of a Game or Gaming Console is prohibited.
  • Please be aware that we won’t be responsible for any lost items in the game room, so please be cautious of your belongings. If you think your items are lost, please contact us or lost and found about it.
  • Please treat the Gaming Room equipment with respect. Please refrain from stealing, throwing or removing the controllers, touching the consoles (including turning them on or off) or memory cards, slapping the TV’s, etc.
  • Lines must be formed to keep the order of who goes next in check. Make sure you know your spot.
  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • No Profanity. This is a family-oriented con.
  • Physical harassment (i.e. fighting, wrestling) will not be tolerated!
  • The Gaming Room has a limited capacity. As a result, we sometimes may need to ask some of the attendees to leave the room, or prevent attendees from entering the room until more space is available. We apologize if this becomes an issue, but we are trying to provide a safe and comfortable room for everyone.

    Tournament Schedule

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