The Small Press Zone


Small Press Zone Tables for the October 18th and 19th show are Now Sold Out.

For more info or to be put on the waiting list email Jason Dube at:

Sac-Con welcomes professional and amateur artists alike to The Small Press Zone. Many of your favorite artists got their start behind a table just like these. They’re a great way to gain public exposure and get feedback about your work. The Small Press Zone tables are located in their own room in order to offer the artists a place that is purely focused on spotlighting their works. The rooms are located in the side room next to the main vendors hall. The hours for these rooms will be the same as the Vendors room. 6’ tables will be $50 each (1 registration is included).


By law, any individual selling items in the state of California must have a California Seller’s Permit. The permit is free, and very easy to obtain. You may apply for a permit by mail, or in person at one of the Board of Equalization field offices.

Sac-Con’s Small Press Zone requires that all artists provide a photocopy of their seller’s permit in order to complete their registration. Additionally, all artists must keep either the original or a copy at their table as according to state policy.

The application can be found at the California Board of Equalization website at If you run into problems that cannot be addressed by the Board of Equalization, please contact the Artist Alley staff as soon as possible.

If you have questions or want to be added to our Artist mailing list to get updated info on Artist tables, email Jason Dube at:

RULES:No Photography allowed in the Small Press Zone unless Artist consents.


Small Press Zone Director
Sac-Con Wishes to welcome our confirmed artists to the October 18th and 19th show…

Lauren Bennett

Jason Dube/Calvin Ellis Jr.

Fredrick Allison Jr.

Patrick Guderski

Tu Bui

Nathaniel Flamm

Melissa McCommon

Joy Wilcox

Ryan Taylor/Warin Johnson

Sarah Straub

Krysten Reis

Joshua Barker

Kyrun Silva

Talisman Press

Eight Bears

Anna Hoban

Mary Ann Delahunt

Diane Legaspi


Gina Dunn

Dana Dooley

Noel Serrato

Hannah Hilton

**Artist Alley Set-up will be at 8am on Saturday October 18th.

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