Small Press Tables are Now Sold Out!

If you have questions or want to be added to our waiting list,  email Jason Dube at:

Sac-Con welcomes professional and amateur artists alike to The Small Press Zone. Many of your favorite artists got their start behind a table just like these. They’re a great way to gain public exposure and get feedback about your work. Small Press tables are located in our new expanded Vendors Room. 6’ tables for both days will be $50 each (1 registration is included).

RULES:No Photography allowed in the Small Press Zone unless Artist consents.


Sac-Con Wishes to welcome our confirmed artists to the October 22nd and 23rd show…


AA1. Lauren Bennett

AA2. Crystaline Owen

AA3. Ann Olson

AA4. Tsz Wong

AA5. L Squared Handcrafted Geekery

AA6. Nhuy Nguyen

AA7. Brennan Ogden

AA8. Robert Prather

AA9. Matt Mossman

AA10. Andrea Archer

AA11. Stephanie Slavin

AA12. Art by Cosette

AA13. Maria Solis

AA15. Jason Kodani

AA16. Vanessa Cisneros

AA17. Kyrun Silva

AA18. Ricky Eaddy

AA19. Larry Haines

AA20. Taurence Bell

AA21. Kira Burton

AA22. James Burton

AA23. Jeremy Rathbone

AA24. Eli Beaird

AA25. Noel Serrato

AA26-27. Jason Dube

AA28. Cakey Charms

AA29. Malicious Intent Studios

AA30. Shontisha Swilley

AA31. Melissa Sosso

AA32. Jennifer Monson

AA33. Valerie Ledesma

AA34. Andrew Fox

AA35. Chris Cider

AA36. Paul Allen

AA37. Craig Glenn

AA38. Jon Guerzon

AA39. Esteban Mendoza

AA40. William Kearney

AA41. Abel Brito

AA42. Samouro Baccam

AA43. Heather Moore

AA44. Donald Lindsey

AA45. Michael Serrano

AA46. Luis Avalos

AA47. Brian Van Vliet

AA48. Chloe Bueb

AA49. Ziang Har

AA50. Hannah Diamond

AA51. Dorian Duroy

AA52. Kelsey Melis

AA53. Bret Dube

AA54. Raymond Dube

AA55. Danielle Dube

AA56. Kimberly Brunson

AA57. Michael Maytag

AA58. Jonathan Williams

AA59. Tony Menchaca

AA60. Chris Elbert

AA61. Dennis Bolen

AA62. Sergey Lukovich

AA63. TC Fuller/Keith Carmona

AA64. Nicole Adams

AA65. Michael Dorman

AA66. Rickey Williams

AA67. Lana Bullard


**Set-Up for SAC-CON October 22nd, 2016

Please report to:
McClellan Conference Center:
5411 Luce Ave
McClellan, CA 95652
at the time of: 7:00am, October 22nd, 2016
at the Art Staff/Contest Table AA1-AA2
Please contact Jason Dube for any further info • (916) 716-0310

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By law, any individual selling items in the state of California must have a California Seller’s Permit. The permit is free, and very easy to obtain. You may apply for a permit by mail, or in person at one of the Board of Equalization field offices.

Sac-Con’s Small Press Zone requires that all artists provide a photocopy of their seller’s permit in order to complete their registration. Additionally, all artists must keep either the original or a copy at their table as according to state policy.

The application can be found at the California Board of Equalization website at If you run into problems that cannot be addressed by the Board of Equalization, please contact the Artist Alley staff as soon as possible.

If you have questions or want to be added to our Artist mailing list to get updated info on Artist tables, (Including added to the Waitlist) email Jason Dube at:


Small Press Zone Director
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