Amateur Art Contest

We are proud to present the winners of our October ,2015 Sac-Con Contest! All prizes were provided by our contest sponsor Sakura of America.


1st place – Kristi

2nd place – Peyton

12-17 years old:
1st place – Mae
2nd place – Tommy

18 and up:
1st place – Jacque


            2nd place – Nick


  1. One entry per person.
  2. May be in BW or Color
  3. Must not be over 8.5″ x 11″ in size
  4. Must not be framed
  5. Must be for all ages
  6. Must be original artwork
  7. No digitally enhanced artwork
  8. No Professionals (If you have had a Artist table before you are considered a Professional)

All entries must be received by Sunday, at 2pm. (Art Submissions Table located in the Small Press Zone room. Please follow the table instructions for preparing your submission). Winners will be announced Sunday at 3pm.


Winners will be determined by our guests by group consensus, based on originality and technical merit.

Remember, art is very subjective. If you don’t win this time, don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good artist. Many of our guests will be on hand throughout the day to offer suggestions and critiques.

There are three age categories for entries:
Child – 12 & Under
Teen – 13 to 17
Adult – 18 & Over

Art Contest Director LAUREN BENNETT

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