Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin- Joining us for a rare convention guest appearance is the legendary writer/artist Jim Starlin, whose work has spanned for over 4 decades thrilling us with his many stories and art for primarily Marvel & DC. Most famously known as the creator of “Thanos, The Mad Titan” which he created in early issues of Marvel’s Iron Man. Thanos is the plotting villain protagonist for Marvel’s blockbuster movies The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron (portrayed by actor Josh Brolin) and is the main focus for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie and the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie. Starlin also created the comic book characters Drax The Destroyer (portrayed by actor & WWE Wrestler, Dave Bautista) and Gamora (portrayed by actress Zoe Saldana), who each have been the main characters of Marvel’s blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Starlin helped revamp and forge such characters as Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel. He wrote the very popular revival of the Silver Surfer series (Ron Lim illustrated) in which he introduced his creation Thanos into the story arc, which led to “Thanos Quest” and “The Infinity Gauntlet” (art by Ron Lim & George Perez) miniseries and its crossover storylines (which is being adapted for the 2 part Avengers films “Avengers: Infinity War”. The Infinity Gauntlet proved successful and was followed by the sequel miniseries Infinity War and Infinity Crusade. Thanos stories and art by Starlin would follow over the years with his Infinity Abyss, Marvel: The End, Thanos (the mini series), Thanos: A God Up There Listening, Thanos Vs. Hulk, Thanos: The Infinity Revelation, and Thanos: The Infinity Relativity.

Marvel’s Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu was co-created by Starlin. He also created/wrote/drew the long running comic book Dreadstar, Breed, and The Price GN. Starlin (and Bernie Wrightson) produced Heroes for Hope: Staring The X-Men, a 1985 one-shot designed to raise money for African famine relief and recovery. He and Wrightson produced a second benefit comic for famine relief. Heroes Against Hunger featuring Superman and Batman was published by DC and like the earlier Marvel benefit project featured many top comics creators. Starlin became the writer of Batman and one of his first storylines for the title was “Ten Nights of The Beast” which introduced the KGBeast. Starlin then wrote the four-issue miniseries Batman: The Cult drawn by Wrightson and the controversial storyline “Batman: A Death in the Family”, in Batman #426-429 (Dec. 1988 – Jan. 1989), in which Jason Todd, the second of Batman’s Robin sidekicks, was killed. The death was decided by fans, as DC Comics set up a hotline for readers to vote on as to whether or not Jason Todd should survive a potentially fatal situation.

He’s worked on other comic titles such as the gripping “The Death of Captain Marvel GN”, Star Reach, Hulk, Spider-Man, Avengers, Iron Man, Legion of Super-Heroes, Detective Comics, DC Comics Presents (where he co-created the character Mogul), The Weird, Cosmic Odyssey, Strange Adventures, Rann-Thanagar Holy War, Death of the New Gods, Mystery in Space, Stormwatch, Daredevil / Black Widow: Abattoir, Gilgamesh II, Hardcore Station, Punisher, Thor, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Superman, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Cosmic Guard, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe, and Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection.

Starlin has been the recipient winner of such awards as the Shazam Award, Eagle Award, British Fantasy Award, Haxtur Award, and the Eisner’s “Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award”. He also co-wrote four novels with his wife Daina Graziunas: Among Madmen, Lady El, Thinning the Predators, and Pawns.

Working as a professional comic book artist for over 25 years, Lim is best known for his work with Marvel Comics on their various “cosmic” titles such as Silver Surfer, which he pencilled for almost 6 years (1988-1994), along with the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, Thanos Quest and Thanos series. Other titles he has contributed to include: Captain America, X-Men 2099, X-Men Unlimited, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Rann/Thanagar: Holy War, The Flash, Daredevil, Excalibur, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sovereign 7, The Avengers, Avengers Next, Cable & Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Powers, Conan The Barbarian, Deadpool Corps, Iron Man, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mystery in Space, Metallix, Thor, Venom, Zombie Tales, J2, Generation X, Mutant X, Skarr: Son of Hulk, GI Joe, Ex-Mutants, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hero Allience, What If…?, Badger, Stormwatch, Dragon Lines, Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme, Superman, Xena, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Five, War of Kings and the comic adaptations of Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter”. Recently, Ron has once again collaborated with Thanos creator Jim Starlin on Thanos Annual #1. He currently finished drawing the “Happy Holidays! From The Avengers” hardcover as well as 2 volumes of The World of Reading, featuring The Guardians of the Galaxy and a storybook Guardians of the Galaxy: Beginnings HC!
Jaime Hernandez FINAL
Gilbert Hernandez
The Hernandez Bros (Jaime & Gilbert)- AKA Los Bros Hernandez, the creators of of one of the most influential/prominent indy and alternative comics of all time, Love and Rockets.The brothers grew up in Oxnard, California. In the 1980s they gained fame with their comic book Love and Rockets, which drew influences from a wide range of influences, including mainstream and underground comics, punk rock, and Mexican-American culture. They began publishing the black-and-white series themselves in 1981, and Fantagraphics Books published it from 1982 to today. The brothers normally worked independently of each other on their own stories. Gilbert’s most significant work features prominent magic realist elements in Central American settings; Jaime’s has centered on multicultural Southern California. Gilbert and Jaime have taken on a great variety of other projects, they frequently returned to their most familiar characters.

Both brothers released many solo books, with Jaime doing several books featuring his Locas characters (including Whoa Nellie, Penny Century, and Maggie and Hopey Color Fun) and Maggie generally occupying a supporting role. Jaime has also done occasional work for DC Comics and The New Yorker, and he has done many album covers for such artists as Michelle Shocked. Earlier in his career Jaime also did album covers for some “Nardcore” punk bands, such as Ill Repute and Dr. Know, and also created the artwork for the critically acclaimed Los Lobos album The Town and the City. He’s also provided comics work for Marvel Comics Strange Tales II GN, Weird Tales of the Ramones, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales, and Measles. In 2010, Jaime released his hardcover book, The Art of Jaime Hernandez: The Secret of Life and Death. Jaime has won Kirby, Ignatz, Harvey, Inkpot and Eisner Awards for his comics works.

For solo projects, Gilbert created New Love, Luba, Luba’s Comics and Stories, Girl Crazy, Sloth, Birdland, Fatima: The Blood Spinners, Grip: The Strange World of Men, Marble Season, Maria M., Loverboys, Bumperhead, The Troublemakers, Chance in Hell, Speak of the Devil and Blubber. He also collaborated with Peter Bagge on the series Yeah! for DC Comics and collaborated with Mario Hernandez on the series Citizen Rex for Dark Horse Comics. Star Wars Tales #20 featured a “Young Lando Calrissian” story by Gilbert and he’s also provided work for Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror and Marvel Comics Strange Tales II GN. He’s won the Eisner, Kirby, Harvey, Inkpot, Fellow, and PEN Center USA’s Graphic Literature Awards, for his comics works.

Jaime, Gilbert and co-creator of Love and Rockets, Mario Hernandez (their younger brother) collaborated on Mister X, a sci-fi comic book series from Vortex Press, with Jaime handling the art and Gilbert and Mario plotting. The book’s noirish look has been cited as an influence by the creators of Batman: The Animated Series among other retro-futuristic works. The alternative rock band Love and Rockets was named after the Hernández brothers’ comic book.

Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp is a British artist, writer and publisher. Liam provided the artwork for the comic adaptation of the seminal XBox video game GEARS OF WAR comic book series with Gears of War 2 video game writer & novelist Joshua Ortega. He made his debut in the late 1980’s drawing Judge Dredd for 2000AD. He later moved to Marvel UK, where he drew the best-selling Marvel UK title ever, Death’s Head II. Thereafter he began working mainly in the United States on books as diverse as the X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing (for Marvel Comics), Superman, Batman, and The Possessed (for DC Comics and Wildstorm), Spawn: The Dark Ages (for Todd McFarlane and Image) and Red Sonja for Dynamite comics. Liam has also worked on more mature themed books for Verotik drawing GOTH, Jaguar God, Frank Frazetta’s The Death Dealer, and a strip originated by Stan Winston called Realm of the Claw. Liam illustrated the controversial DC Vertigo title Testament with best-selling novelist and media commentator Douglas Rushkoff, and the Aliens graphic novella Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven for Dark Horse. More recently he’s been working on an epic personal comic book project that he is co-writing with wife Christina McCormack called Captain Stone is Missing. In 2004 Liam established Mam Tor Publishing with wife Christina. This saw the launch of the critically acclaimed and award-winning anthology Event Horizon, and the prestigious collaboration with Mother (London) Advertising, Four Feet From a Rat, which appears as a quarterly comic in Time Out magazine. This has led on to work on three major advertising campaigns for the Coca-Cola Company, as well as producing art and design work for Strange Beast, Passion Pictures, Knuckleheads, Shots Magazine and Red Arrow Entertainment amongst others. Liam also worked on designs for the movies Lost in Space, Small Soldiers and the animated series Batman Beyond. Liam’s critically acclaimed first novel GOD KILLERS: MACHIVARIUS POINT & OTHER TALES was published in 2008 with a second edition in 2009. Liam’s CCO, Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer, and head of content for Madefire. Madefire is a first of its kind technology company that is awakening a new era of storytelling and online publishing. The Madefire iPad app brings a new identity to digital reading, delivering a continuous flow of comics in a fully immersive reading experience, marrying sound, pictures, words and motion. &
It’s the 20th Anniversary of Dan Brereton’s crime/noir NOCTURNALS, come and celebrate this monumental event with Dan Brereton and several artists that also contributed to his series. The comics and illustration of writer and artist Dan Brereton has garnered him awards, critical praise and a loyal fan base over the last quarter century. His creator-owned comics work includes: Nocturnals, Giantkiller, The Psycho( with James Hudnall) and The Last Battle ( with Tito Faraci).
Popular mainstream credits include: Legends of the Dark Knight, Batman:Thrillkiller, JLA: Seven Caskets, Superman: Silver Banshee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror, Clive Barker’s Dread, Red Hulk, Red Sonja, Legends of the World’s Finest, The Immortal Iron Fist, Vampirella, Thor and Punisher. His artwork has graced the comic covers such characters as Captain America, Legends of the Dark Knight, Creepy, Conan, Mars Attacks, Hellraiser, Godzilla, GI Joe, Animal Man, Sargent Rock, Lobo, Dracula and many more . He’s painted card art for Topps’ Mars Attacks, and Blizzards’s World of Warcraft trading card game, and Star Wars for Wizards of the Coast. His client list includes The Walt Disney Co., NBC, Hasbro and more. Dan has also contributed artwork for horrormeister Rob Zombie’s various albums. The Last Battle, set in Ancient Rome and Gaul, was #4 on the Top 100 best selling Graphic Novels of 2011. Dan has collected much of his art in a series of hardcover art books featuring Brereton’s artwork has been released over the years. The Goddess & the Monster, Siren, Sorceress and Enchantress, all beautiful art compilations from this amazing artist. offers museum-quality prints and high-quality posters of his work. Though Dan is a local, we are no less happy and fortunate to have him as a frequent guest and supporter of our show for over two decades. Visit him on Facebook or
C Andrew Nelson FINAL
An award winning artist, actor, writer, consultant, and motivational speaker, C.Andrew Nelson is best known for having played the character of Darth Vader in the Special Edition re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy as well as in the Rebel Assault II and Dark Forces games from LucasArts. Andrew, who began playing Vader for Lucasfilm in 1994, has portrayed the infamous dark lord for commercials, television shows, print, games, and live appearances. He has managed to spend more time in the official Vader costume than any other actor.

Andrew spent four years as a visual effects artist at Industrial Light & Magic. His VFX credits at ILM include Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Prior to joining ILM, Andrew worked nearly six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he served as a visual effects supervisor. At LucasArts he helped create and design such popular games as Dark Forces, Rebel Assault II, Full Throttle, The Dig, Jedi Knight, Curse of Monkey Island, Masters of Teras Kasi, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine. Andrew has worked extensively with sister companies Lucasfilm Ltd., Lucas Learning, Lucas Licensing, and THX.

In addition to his tenure with the Lucas companies, C. Andrew Nelson is a consulting VFX supervisor and art director for some of the top effects, animation, and post-production facilities in the U.S. His credits include Rocky Balboa, The Last Mimzy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Rush Hour 3, Enchanted, The Kite Runner, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Jumper, Race to Witch Mountain, and Witness 11. Andrew currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society.

No stranger to academia, Andrew served from 2002 to 2004 as the Visual Effects Director for the School of Animation & Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. At the university, he presided over the school’s visual effects curriculum and trained the next generation of VFX artists who are now working throughout the industry. Andrew routinely consults for various networks, studios, and developers such as Disney, MTV, Nickelodeon, PBS, Fox, Hasbro, Electronic Arts, and others.

When he’s not at a workstation conjuring up images for motion pictures and television or speaking on the lecture circuit, Andrew can be found in front of the camera or behind a microphone as a performer. Andrew has appeared in numerous feature films, television series, commercials, and print ads. He has shot national spots for ESPN, Wal-Mart, M&Ms, Taco Bell, and Kenner. Andrew is also a much sought after voice-over artist having lent his vocal talents to numerous games, animated films, and interactive multimedia projects.

Herbert Jefferson Jr
Veteran actor, Herbert Jefferson Jr. is known to many as Lieutenant Boomer from the original Battlestar Galacica. In a career spanning over 4 decades, Jefferson was a series co-star in Rich Man Poor Man opposite Nick Nolte, as well as it’s sequel, Rich Man Poor Man Book II. He also co-stared in the Revolutionary War mini series The Bastard, the western series The Yellow Rose with Sam Elliott and Cybill Shepard, and The Devlin Connection with Rock Hudson.

Jefferson has also guest starred in scores of episodes of series TV over these years including ER, Sister Sister, Hill Street Blues, Airwolf, Knight Rider, T.J. Hooker, Quincy, The Streets of San Francisco, Police Story, McCloud, The White Shadow and Mission Impossible to name but a few. His most recent recurring TV role was of Police Chief Price on the NBC soap opera Sunset Beach. His many feature film credits include Apollo 13, Outbreak, Detroit 9000, Black Gunn, The Slams, and most recently, Star Trek: Of Gods And Men as freedom fighter Captain Galt.

Jefferson’s extensive legitimate theater credits (his first love) include two Pulitzer Prize winning Plays, The Great White Hope and No Place To Be Somebody. He was directed by Mike Nichols in the hit David Rabe play Steamers, originating the role of “Roger”, which went on to win Best New American Play of the Year Award by the New York Drama Critics. Herb is a New York trained actor studying at the Herbert Bergof Studio. The Actors Studio with Lee Strasburg and is an Alumnus of New York’s historic American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has appeared in productions on Broadway, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway and Regionally.

In his spare time, Jefferson has been and continues to be an active supporter with the U.S. Military by way of The USO, The IAVA, The Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Stand Down, U.S. Navy Public Affairs, and The United States Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program. Herb has also been a coach, awards presenter, and ambassador for The Special Olympics from 1974 to present. Herbert Jefferson Jr. resides in Southern California.

jimmie robinson
Creator/Artist/Writer of America’s Best Villain Comic Book “Bomb Queen”, published by Image Comics. Robinson’s produced seven Bomb Queen series and three one-shots including Bomb Queen Vs. Hack/Slash. He’s worked on a variety of comic books and graphic novels for almost two decades and created several comic series for publishers such as Image Comics, Shadowline and Marvel Comics. Robinson’s exhibited at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum and has participated as a judge for the Will Eisner Spirit of Independence Award. His career spans from print to animation, TV to online digital, and even films. His work has been used for commercial manufacturing, marketing, libraries and collage text books. Robinson worked with writer Che Gilson as artist on the graphic novel Avigon. He wrote and drew Cyberzone, The Adventures of Evil And Malice, Code Blue and Amanda & Gunn. All of which he created. Other works he’s contributed to: Comic Book Tattoo, Go Girl!, Love In Tights, What If? Wolverine Enemy of the State, and Mythography. In 2009, he released his first children’s book, T. Runt!, written by Derek McCulloch. Jimmie Robinson’s Image Comic’s series is “Five Weapons” a story about when the world’s deadliest, stealthiest, and most infamous assassins need a place to educate their children, an institution that respects and upholds their values, they turn to the prestigious School of Five Weapons! In 2015 Image Comics began publishing Jimmie’s “The Empty”, a science-fiction story in which two unlike women set out together to save a dying world. Jimmie Robinson resides in the Bay Area.
Tomm Coker
Coker began drawing comics professionally when he was still in high school in Sacramento,CA. As an illustrator in the comic book scene, Coker has illustrated other such books for Marvel, DC and Images as: Gen 13/Maxx, Daredevil Noir, 5 Ronin, Wolverine: Under The Boardwalk, Logan: Shadow Society, The Ride, Undying Love, Moon Knight, Avengers Assemble, Blue Estate, Gen 13 Bootleg, Secret Avengers, Strange, Exiles, Foolkiller, Agents of Atlas, Generation X, Stephen King: The Stand, Global Frequency, Near Death, The Big Book of Urban Legends/Death, Marksmen, Vanguard, Stormwatch: Team Achilles and Nightfall: The Black Chronicles. In 2003, he debuted his creator-owned (along with Pulitzer Prize nominee Judd Winick) horror series Blood and Water through DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. Currently, Tomm is illustrating covers for Marvel’s Secret Wars. In 2009, he drew MTV’s “motion comic” series Audio Quest: A Captain Lights Adventure, starring the singer Lights. Selected toy and cartoon design work includes such brands as Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Jumanji and Transformers. Tomm also provided artwork for various Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games such as “Eberron Campaign Setting” and “Sharn: City of Towers”. He has worked as an artist at Columbia-TriStar Children’s Entertainment, most notably on “Men in Black.” He has story-boarded and provided production design for numerous commercials and music videos, including Aaron Carter’s “How I Beat Shaq.” His feature film work includes story-boarding and designing the Keanu Reeves film “The Watcher” and contributing boards to Universal Pictures’ “The Mummy.” He wrote and directed his first live-action short film, “A Day Between,” which won Grand Jury and Audience Favorite Awards on the festival circuit. Coker made the jump with directing and writing his 1st feature length horror film “Catacombs” staring pop star “Pink”. Tomm now resides in Los Angeles, CA.
Timothy Green
Timothy Green II, also known as “Timo”, is an American artist with a European & Asian comics influence. Much like his favorite artists Moebius and Otomo, he displays a fine attention to detail with sharp steady lines and has the range to cater to the European, Asian and American audiences. He is known for his work on such titles as Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Groot and The Guardians of the Galaxy (Timo was thanked at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie because of his work on the recent comic series).Timo’s first published works started back in 1996 with the comic book “Leitmotiv” which he created, wrote and illustrated. In 1999, Timo got a taste of the big leagues. He landed art duties with Dark Horse Comics illustrating stories for issues #13 & 15 of Star Wars Tales. This led into him also illustrating an issue of “Syn” for Dark Horse Comics in 2003. It wasn’t until 2005 that he got critical acclaim for his astonishing pencils & inks on the comic book motion picture adaption of MTV’s Aeon Flux movie (Based off Peter Chung’s animated TV show). This exposed Timo to an international audience and gave him creditability as a comic book heavy weight. Timo since has worked for both Marvel and DC and has illustrated such books as Swamp Thing, Annihilators, Ender’s Game, Fraction, The Immortal Iron Fist, Rush City, Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?, Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated, Immortal Weapons, Wolverine #1000, Red Hood and the Outlaws, X-Men: Curse of the Mutants-Blade, Ultimate Comics, Avengers Academy, Avengers Undercover, Animal Man, Convergence Supergirl: Matrix, Iron Man, Threshold, Amazing Spider-Man, Justice League United and Skaar: Son of Hulk to name a few.
Weems is an Illustrator/Inker. For nearly 20 years he has been inking comic books and has worked for almost every major publisher. Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, David Finch, Joe Benitez, Brandon Peterson, Dale Keown, Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio are just a few of the amazing artists that have worked with Joe over the years. In 2000-2005 Joe was employed by the Skateboard company Darkstar and drew all of their Illustrated decks, wheels and misc. merchandise. Joe has provided work on such comic book titles as The Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Fathom, Fantastic Four, Hunter-Killer, The Incredible Hulk, Justice League, The Magdalena, New X-Men, Vampirella, Weapon Zero, Witchblade, Wraithborn, Arcanum, Chains of Chaos, Superman, Tomb Raider, Iron Man, Thunderbolts, Titans, Star Wars, Avengers and Artifacts.
Chris has worked with every major comic book company since the 90’s from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics to Image Comics. He had a long run on DC’s Wonder Woman. At Marvel, he did the Nova series in 1994 and 1995, and contributed to ‘Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme’ in 1991. He was also present at Moonstone with “World of Darkness” and “Kochak: Tales of the Night.” Batman, Wolverine, Excalibur, Nexus, Thunderbolts, The American: Lost in America, Champions, Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice, The New Warriors and most all of the Spider-Man & Superman titles are all other comics he’s illustrated. Headhunters, a creator owned series of his, was released through Image Comics. He has extensive experience in layouts, comps, and storyboards, with clients such as Coca Cola, Mattel, and Nike. Chris Marrinan is also an illustrator for roleplaying games.
Tim is an artist, mostly working in the horror/adult genre, known for his work on the uber violent indy comic book “Faust.” Faust was adapted as the movie Faust: Love of the Damned (2001) by director Brian Yuzna. The followup comic book Faust: Book of M was nominated for the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative. He is praised for his attention to detail in his anatomy and his extremely graphic art. His works include Grips, Omen, Gunfighters in Hell, Webwitch, Gothic Nights, Jack The Lantern, Zero Tolerance and Cuda. Tim is currently working on the Frank Frazetta line of Image comic books: Moon Maid, Dark Kingdom & Neanderthal. When not working on comics, Tim can be found painting fine art in the fantasy genre. He will be taking art commissions at the show.
Ramon Villalobos
Artist/writer Ramon Villalobos got his big break as artist on Marvel’s What If? Age of Ultron #2: Iron Man. Prior, he independently published the comic “LP”, wrote and colored the independently published “Vitruvian Underground”, contributed a short story for “Psychotronik Comics Presents”, co wrote and drew the independently published “Frank and Elenore In” and has provided several pin ups and covers for various indy comics. Ramon’s next Marvel Comics was on the “Original Sins” series with a story featuring the Young Avengers going against the Hood. Ramon is currently working on more projects for the Marvel Comics Secret Wars/X-Men Characters series “E is For Extinction”, projects for Dark Horse Comics, and another independently published comic called “Abstract 3”. Ramon lives in Stockton, California.
Robert Love
Have you felt the Love yet? Yes? No? Well let us share some of Robert Love just in case! Mr.Love has been diligently pressing the inks working on books for such publishers as Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Ghettosake Comics for over a decade now. He’s worked on Number 13 (Dark Horse), Alpha Girl (Image), Never Ending (Dark Horse), Fierce (Dark Horse), Shadow Rock (Dark Horse), Popgun (Image), Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse), Kenji Master of the Blind Monkey Style (Ghettosake), Chocolate Thunder (Ghettosake), Nanoman (Gettosake), and Bayou (Zuda Comics). Love also has a few animated shorts created from his works such as “Fearless Grasshopper” and “Chocolate Thunder”. Robert Love and writer David Walker, creators of the comic book series “Number 13” published by Dark Horse Comics, teamed up with commercial director Steve Petersen and producer David M. Uslan to create the official teaser/short film for their newest live action project based on said material. The trailer and more info can be found at He sold the rights to a movie to 20th Century Fox called THE ADVENTURES OF VENUS KINCAID, Optioned FIERCE to Zucker Productions as well as NUMBER 13 with Legendary Pictures. Robert currently calls the city of Sacramento his home.
Dave Dwonch
Writer/Artist/Creative Director at Action Lab Entertainment, Dave Dwonch spends his days as an analyst for a wine & spirits company, and his nights consuming said wine & spirits. Somehow he finds the time to work his way through his “Space-Time Condominium” weekly webcomic strips as well as supplying artwork for Angry Gnome Comics, PKD Media, UFO Anthology, and the Subculture and Mystery Solved! Webseries. He co-writes “Vamplets” a coming of age tales of monsters, mayhem, and magic (perfect for fans of Emily Strange and My Little Pony). Other books he’s written include Ghost Town, Double Jumpers and Mercury & The Murd (which he also provided art for). Dave features The Geek Savants ( ) geek & comicbook culture podcast episodes. He has produced the graphic novels– Special Ed: From Zero to Hero, SRG Presents: Gnome and the collected Space-Time Condominium. He also released his book “Back In The Day”. As Creative Director of Action Lab Entertainment, Dave is responsible for acquiring new projects for Action Lab Entertainment, and oversees the entire creative processes at ALE, working hand in hand with Action Lab’s writers, artists, designers and editors to produce some of the best comics on the market. His recent writings can be found in the comic “Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab” a four issue supernatural crime noir comic series. When a young boy named Michael dies from a gunshot wound in his taxi cab, Cyrus Perkins is thrust to the role of unlikely hero as Michael’s spirit is trapped in his cab. Cyrus must solve his murder, and give him the peace to pass into the afterlife. Inspired by Dave’s real life experience in a taxi cab! Dave lives in the California Bay Area with his tolerant wife and extremely needy cat, when not touring the convention circuit peddling his comics and his prints of pop culture art.
Super Ugly
Super Ugly- Aka John Williams has an art style that is very unique. It’s, well, ugly, but it’s done in a way that is completely outrageously rockin! Super Ugly is known for his paintings & drawings of monsters, characters from Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Justice League, Star Wars and several other pop culture references. He has an art book collection out titled Pretty Ugly, and has released other such books as The Lonely Life Of Mister Maple, Monsters Are Just Like Us (now published by Action Lab), This Ugly Life, and How To Color The Ugly Way. Did we mention Super Ugly’s a former Hip Hop performer? One half of the dynamically undynamic duo: Unified School District. A fantastic blend of geekiness and funkiness delivered through underground hip-hop & video game sampled tracks such as Castlevania, Punch Out, Metroid and Tetris. Super Ugly also works on The Geek Savants ( ) geek & comicbook culture podcast episodes.
Michael Dorman
Dorway Studios is the home of illustrator Michael J. Dorman. Michael specializes in comic book illustration, penciling, inking and commissions. He’s worked as artist for Bluewater Productions’ “William Nolan’s Dark Universe” and “Logan’s Run: Aftermath” which are stories inspired by the sci fi classics. Michael has also worked on such books as Legend of Isis, ECV Press: Fist, ECV Press: Spades, ECV Press: Trixie Dynamite, Immortal Deception, Anatomy of War, The Spider and Domino Lady, as well as Bluewaters’s Evil Knievil comic book. Mike also wrote for Jason and the Argonauts for Bluewater. He currently is working on on Black Bat / Domino Lady: Danger Coast to Coast for Moonstone books and Santa Claus, Private Eye for Thrillbent. Mike resides in Sacramento, California.
Cody Vrosh
Co-founder & artist for Binary Winter Press. Cody Vrosh lives in a perpetual state of not-enough-sleep. Cody is the illustrator of “The Irrelevant Redemption: A Steampunk Fairytale”. It’s a cyborg coming of age fable, a post-human Pinocchio meets Alice in an apocalyptic Wonderland Story. Cody designs his own clothes line with Sheatiel Sarao for Binary Winter Press and will have their t-shirts, ties, prints, art and more for sale at our show. His arts been displayed on the tv series Heroes season 3 as well as prestigious art galleries all around America. Cody has also released the following books: Coffee Creatures, The Android’s Astrological Companion, The Zodiac of Teeth, Root & Whim, and The Gas Mask. He also has an unhealthy obsession with animals (he can’t help it, they won’t stop staring at him).
Jason has been self-publishing under his comic book company Scattered Comics for over 20 years. He has published and/or worked on such titles as Scattered, Panda Days, Wildflower: Lost Yesterdays, Night Owl, Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice, The Blonde Assassin, Shadow Hunters, Caffeine Poisoned, and Waiting for Something to Happen. He has been putting out monthly webcomics which include the new Artist-themed comic “COMICS VS MANGA“, and branched out to releasing his titles to download on I-tunes. Jason’s also working as a fulltime freelance comicbook artist and has worked as illustrator, colorist, typesetter and layout artist for several independent companies. (Companies include NEKO PRESS, BLUE WATER PRODUCTIONS, COMICBOOK DIVAS, and ZEPHID COMICS). He also runs Scattered Comics Studios and works with several other Artists to create comicbooks for clients. Locally, Jason Dube founded the SCCG (Sacramento Comicbook Creators Group) in which comic book artist, writers and creators can meet each week, share, motivate and support each other in their endeavors. Jason recently is lending his writing chops to the new horror anime comic book series “Shadow Hunters” which is illustrated by Benjamin Jordan.
Mike Hampton is the artist and writer of Hot Zombie Chicks, Captain A-Hole, Gunja Rabbit, Zodiac Killers and the Smash-Bang Pulp: Eagle Eye & The Quail comic books. Mike is the winner of the 2007 DIY award for best comic book/zine for his How to “Do” Comics featuring Captain “A” comic book. This comic book is a step by step guide on how to create and make your own comic book. Captain A, Mike Hampton’s hip-hop/alternative alias, has released several albums. Hampton is the subject of a documentary “I Dream Of Being An Artist… And It Makes Me Sick”, a film about a year in the life of a starving artist, much filmed on his Hot Zombie Chicks Love BrAiNs Comic Book Tour 2009. Mike will have comic books, prints, original art, statues and t-shirts for sale. He’s known to draw caricatures of attendees as superheroes or zombies in 15 minutes or less for commission! Mike resides in Berkeley, CA
Specializing in comic book art & pop culture tattoos, Brandon will be TATTOOING LIVE AT OUR SHOW! He will have several comic book, horror, sci fi, fantasy and other pop culture awesome tattoo flash at our show for you to choose from. Local multi-award winning tattooist extraordinaire, and co-owner of Imperious Rex in Citrus Heights, CA, Brandon Bracamonte has been been working in comics for serveral years with his debut comic “Hey Rube!” (Co-written with Melissa Rose Ordway) and more recently “The Mustache Ride.” A Western Revenge story set deep in the future! (Co-written with Johnathon Weiss “Foodie”). Bracamonte’s newest comic book creation “Smash-Bang Pulp Double Feature” features his story of The Homicide Chicks! Brandon will be selling his comics, prints & sketchbooks at the show and accepting art commissions. Brandon resides in the Sacramento area.
Ben has made an empire in Sacramento, where he has lived most of his life. 12 years ago he opened Empire’s Comics Vault and has continued to grow the business and promote the local community ever since. From food drives to collecting toys for kids, from Free Comic Book Day Mini-Cons to Creative Women Mini-cons, and from Drink and Draw Sac to supporting Sac City Rollers, Empire’s Comics Vault has hands in every pie around town. Ben writes, edits and publishes for ECV Press, which has 6 titles. He is married to ECV Press’s Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Schwartz, and has an unhealthy affection for pugs. In addition to the writing duties for his ECV Press books such as “Trixie Dynamite”, a post-apocalyptic all ages sci-fi romp, Ben writes “Union Street Choir” with illustrator Hai-Na-Nu “Nooligan” Saulque. More of Ben Schwartz can be found at
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